performance improvements

iOS v 0.14 | Android v 0.37.1

New app releases introduce foundational platform improvements with the creation of the

Data Cache Service in CYTK


May 11, 2021

From the Desk of the CTO

A New Service is Added

CYTK Voice Assistant – Beta
Detroit, MI

iOS v 0.14 & Android v 0.37.1

I’m delighted to introduce a foundational improvement to how CYTK delivers content to our customers. As the first voice-activated assistant for Automotive Technicians, you can imagine the complexity involved with engineering an app that promises a single, relevant answer to a question asked.

Well, with last month’s big release, I’m proud to announce that we have improved the functionality required to deliver near-instantaneous content to our customers. Of course, this depends upon a few things, such as whether or not CYTK has seen the vehicle configuration before and whether or not the question has been requested in previous sessions – by any user. In many cases, a request asked in a similar way will return an answer at breakneck speeds.

Foundational Performance

This pivotal platform performance work has been my team’s primary focus since November of 2020 and not only involved adding a completely new Service to CYTK’s architecture, but modified and improved every aspect of the artificial intelligence-driven platform.

This foundational work, which we’re referring to as the Data Cache Service, provides a launching point for accessing more content from our primary data source, MOTOR, as well as adding new content sources to CYTK in the future, such as Open Recall and Special Filter References.

The result of this pivotal release in May is that not only will our customers experience improved performance, but over the next 3 – 6 months you will see improved content coverage as well.

The Year of Content

We’ve published the Official Release Notes for your review, and in the future we’ll be publishing this info right in the app’s upcoming Help section.

2021 is the Year of Content for CYTK and I can’t wait to share all of the successes with you as the year progresses.

Looking Forward
Kate Schneider, CTO at CYTK


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