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Use Your Mobile Device or Tablet to Capture a VIN and Search for Vehicle-Specific Procedures, Wiring Diagrams, P&L Estimates, DTCs, and More

Sep 18, 2023

product tip

Use CYTK Smart Search™ to Capture a VIN and Perform Vehicle-Specific Automotive Repair Searches

Wouldn’t it be great to have access on your mobile device to vehicle-specific automotive repair content based on a VIN lookup? 

Tired of doing generic content searches or having to write down a 17-digit VIN and manually entering it into a search engine?

Imagine if you could use your mobile device to capture a picture of the VIN, load a vehicle and then perform a vehicle-specific search to targeted repair content. Well, that day has come! CYTK Smart Search™ allows you to load a specific vehicle through VIN Capture and then provides access to OEM content that includes vehicle specifications, service and DTC procedures, wiring diagrams, parts & labor estimates, and much more.

See how to conduct a VIN Capture on your mobile device on our YouTube Channel.

This is just one example of how CYTK Smart Search is helping Mobile Repair Technicians perform auto repair services more efficiently.

CYTK is the first AI-powered mobile search app designed for Mobile Technicians. Quick and easy access to key repair information on your mobile device, anytime and anywhere, right at the vehicle. Helping you save time and deliver quality mobile services. 

Learn more about CYTK Smart Search.

See how to capture a VIN using CYTK Smart Search to quickly access vehicle-specific repair and DTC procedures, wiring diagrams, parts and labor estimates, and more. Or watch a full product demonstration.



If you’re not already using CYTK Smart Search™, sign up for a free trial and then download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store


Our Quick Tip video series includes a video short about how to capture a VIN and begin vehicle-related automotive repair searches in seconds, right at the vehicle.

Check out our YouTube Channel to view other product tips, such as finding info about:

  • Keyword Searches
  • Fuse Panels
  • DTC Procedures
  • Parts & Labor Estimates
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • and more



About CYTK

CYTK delivers OEM repair procedures, technical specifications (DTCs, wiring diagrams and technical service bulletins) and parts information with crowd-sourced “most viewed” YouTube videos, empowering Automotive Technicians to deliver unmatched productivity and quality.  In service bays and on the road, Technicians navigate through many software and data applications to repair all types of vehicles. Incumbent solutions are not built for mobile and machine learning. Increasing pressure on automotive repair operations due to untrained workforce can be alleviated with mobile AI apps and CYTK is establishing itself as the market leader in addressing this rapidly growing market demand for repair information on demand anywhere.

For more information, please contact and connect on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. 



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