Hello, I’m CYTK.
How can I help?

The next leap forward in AI-powered mobile applications, CYTK provides virtual assistant technology to help techs do their work faster, with greater accuracy and with improved human capability.


Be the change

Oxford University estimates that 47% of jobs in the US are “at risk” of being automated in the next 20 years.

CYTK was founded on the principle that humans and technology must not be mutually exclusive. Humans and technology must work together, enabling far greater impact than they ever could in isolation.

A tech’s best friend

CYTK’s core features aim to make tech’s lives easier – saving time and money in the process.

Hands-free operation

A combination of iOS and Android smart phones along with Bluetooth IoT devices enables technicians to work hands free.

Smart Search

CYTK enables universal search on any part or procedure without the technician having to set down their tools or move from the bay.

Smart Workflow

CYTK provides a suite of AI powered mobile apps that helps technicians work through their workflows faster, with higher quality and an increase in job satisfaction. Workflow examples include: Repair Processes, Vehicle Inspections and Pin-Point Tests.

Natural language processing

The CYTK NLU engine has micro control over the converstation flow. Our NLU engine “harmonizes” between technician’s intent and the task itself seamlessly and via an active learning environment.

Value proposition

CYTK provides a range of benefits for technicans, shops and OEM’s.


  • Save time

    Vehicle information, specifications, how-to guides: presented instantly and contextually to the task at hand.

  • Expand human capability

    Seamless, real-time access to key vehicle information and procedures will improve the capability of technicians.

  • Improve accuracy

    Capturing data through voice dictation versus typing, no more guessing about misspellings or made-up acronyms.

  • Drive consistency

    Consistent and complete process execution with greater accuracy.


  • Drive operational efficiency

    Improve individual and overall shop productivity and efficiency.

  • Knowledge

    Expanded human capability will enable continuous learning and knowledge.

  • Quality

    Improved data accuracy and consistent process execution will drive overall shop quality.


  • Return on investment

    Quality execution, reduced cost, improved output and increased revenue.

  • Employee satisfaction

    Making the human interaction with technology more seamless will expand capability and improve satisfaction within the work environment.

  • Customer satisfaction & loyalty

    Consistent process execution with high quality will drive overall customer satisfaction and owner loyalty.

A vast market

The US auto aftermarket is valued at $273.4B, equaling 1.5–2% of the US GDP. The US auto dealership market is valued at $33B. A handful of companies control both marketplaces.

Voice of

67% of technicians take over 3 minutes to find required information on each repair. 35% take over 5 minutes per repair.

60% of technicians are using their cell phones to look up vehicle repair information.

61% state that voice is imperative when their hands and vision are occupied.

40% of technicians are searching and viewing YouTube vidoes for vehicle repair.

Who’s involved?

Bryan Levenson

Founder | CEO: Business Development, Operations, Product

David Ziegler

Director, Operations, Customer Success

Luke Stewart

Co-Founder | Director of Engineering: Middleware, Backend, Data Science

Jorge Olmos

Co-Founder | Director of Software Development: Mobile, Web, Middleware

Patrick Weinkam

Co-Founder | CTO: Cloud, Backend, Data Science

Martin Gregory

Co-Founder | Director of Software Development: Mobile, Web, Middleware


User experience design

Darr Aley

Mr. Aley worked with Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk in areas that include mergers and acquisitions, business development, strategy, and operations. As an entrepreneur he has started, invested, and/or joined companies in every stage of development (napkin to IPO) and seen them through to billions of dollars in exit value.

Kirk Bradley

Mr. Bradley is currently an Executive Technical Advisor at Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL). He is one of the original technologists and among the longest serving employees of Oracle. In conjunction with investing in CYTK, Mr. Bradley will also be making significant contributions as a Technology Advisor.

Doug Aley

Mr. Aley has been integral product and operations lead at companies such Ever AI, Amazon, Zulily, and Minted. Doug is an operating partner at Atomic Ventures in San Francisco, who has several of the world’s best technology entrepreneurs as LPs. 

Mike Roberts

Mr. Roberts Global Warranty Strategy for Ford Motor Co. Currently working with GM to improve data quality within the warranty supply chain.