My trial is ending soon - how do I sign up for a paid account?

On a desktop, go to and sign-in to your Dashboard with your CYTK credentials. Click on the orange “Manage Subscription” button. This will take you to the CYTK payment site where you can enter your credit card information. Note: the free trial comes with our 10 user plan. If you want to subscribe with a different subscription plan, you will need to contact CYTK Customer Support at 313-288-9360 or email to

What content is included in CYTK?

CYTK content is powered by the following: 


  • Specifications
  • Service Procedures
  • Parts & Labor
  • Part Numbers
  • Illustrations/Figures
  • Technical Bulletins
  • Wiring Diagrams


  • Recall – Provides recall data based on Year | Make | Model

Web Search:

  • When performing a voice search and content for a specific Year | Make | Model is not available, CYTK will take the user search criteria and perform a web search.

What model years does CYTK support?

1990 through current

What OEMs does CYTK support?

CYTK covers over 35 OEM Brands

How do I clear my vehicle list?

You can do this in the settings menu > ‘Delete all vehicles’, or swipe left on any item in the vehicle list to delete them individually.

What is CYTK’s privacy policy?

Who is CYTK’s target customer?

With CYTK’s initial release, we are seeing great success in Quick Service, Used Car Recon and Light Repair. Now that we’ve expanded content coverage with the new Key Component Search and added TSBs and Wiring Diagrams, CYTK is really a tool for any technician looking to go mobile.

How do I upgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade or change your subscription by contacting CYTK Customer Support at 313-288-9360 or email to


How do I cancel or downgrade my CYTK subscription?

If you need to cancel or downgrade your subscription you can do so by contacting CYTK Customer Support at 313-288-9360 or email to

How do I provide feedback on the app?

You can email thoughts and comments to


What devices does CYTK work on?

CYTK is a native mobile application that was designed and tested to work on Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets. Web applications are not currently supported.

What is CYTK SmartTalk™ Beta?

CYTK SmartTalk™ is an AI-enabled voice search within the app. Click the mic icon and when you see the green light ask a question like “Engine oil light reset” and let CYTK bring you directly to useful repair content. Now you can “Ask a Question and Get an Answer” without setting down your tools or moving from the vehicle.

To test drive SmartTalk™ Beta, try tapping the mic icon and then say:

Engine Oil Type
Coolant Capacity
Reset engine Oil Light
Drive Belt Replacement Procedure
Estimate to replace cabin air filter
Brake Rotor Specification
Quick Service Summary
Drive Belt part number

Does CYTK include YouTube videos?

CYTK recognizes that OEM content is a priority and this is provided through MOTOR content. When viewing a procedure you will see the youtube icon in the top right by the procedure title. This links to YouTube videos related to the procedure.

Does CYTK author or filter YouTube videos?

No, CYTK does not author or filter YouTube videos. The YouTube videos provided as part of the Service Procedures are a direct link to content freely available on the internet. CYTK in no way endorses or guarantees any internet content accessed through our software. CYTK is not responsible for technician errors resulting from the use of any third party content.

What are some of CYTK’s best practices that help implementation and sustainment?

  1. Identify and appoint a CYTK Champion – This individual is well trained on the product and helps on-boarding new users and manages adding and deleting users as churn occurs. This individual manages the CYTK reports and promotes on-going sustainment of the CYTK program. CYTK Champion also engages with the CYTK team to provide product feedback..
  2. CYTK as a Process – Many Quick Service activities will require all technicians to run the Quick Service Summary when they obtain the repair order. The summary contains key specifications that are to be used during the quick service repair process. 

Leverage CYTK On-Boarding Assets:


How do I get access to the CYTK App?

Step 1. – Go to and enroll in the free trial

  • Enroll as an Individual or Repair Shop
  • Repair Shops – You will have the ability to add users
  • Users – Will receive invite to set up CYTK credentials

Step 2. – Download the CYTK App from the Apple or Android Play Stores

Step 3 – Sign into the CYTK App with credentials, load a vehicle and begin with a key component search.

How does CYTK define a Subscription - Shop Rooftop?

A Rooftop is defined as a single address. A shop can have multiple activities, e.g. PDI, Quick Service, Used Car that can be included as long as they reside under a single location/address. Shop activities that are located off-site and have a separate address should have a separate CYTK subscription.

How can I add a user?

Your Shop’s CYTK Administrator can log into and access their CYTK Dashboard. From the Dashboard, they can add and/or delete CYTK users. NOTE: You will only be able to add additional users based on available licenses under your subscription plan. If you need to add users beyond your current subscription, you can contact customer support to upgrade your plan – 313-288-9360 or email to

How can I delete a user?

The CYTK program administrator can log into the CYTK Dashboard at and click on the “Delete User” icon to remove someone from their CYTK subscription.

How many technicians can I register as part of my subscription?

CYTK is a mobile application and our objective is to put the power of CYTK into the hands of all your technicians. All technicians that are under your employment and reside under your Shop Rooftop are eligible under your subscription. CYTK offers several subscription options ranging from an Individual to up to 25 technicians. Shops that require a subscription with more than 25 technicians should reach out to CYTK customer support at 313-288-9360 or email to


What is the contract period for my CYTK subscription?

There is no long-term contract required for your CYTK subscription, your CYTK agreement is month-to-month.

How do I handle my technicians that perform Mobile Service?

CYTK recognizes that mobile repair is a growing segment of automotive repair. Mobile technicians that are employed by a repair shop that has a CYTK subscription, are eligible for a CYTK account under the Shop’s Rooftop subscription. 

Individual mobile repair technicians can subscribe to CYTK under CYTK’s Individual subscription plan. Enterprise Mobile Companies that are not affiliated with a physical shop/rooftop should contact CYTK customer support for Mobile Enterprise pricing – 313-288-9360 or email to

How can I add/update our CYTK Administrator?

You can add/update your CYTK Administrator by contacting CYTK Customer Support at 313-288-9360 or email to 

When does my free trial start and how long will it last?

CYTK’s free trial starts on your enrollment date and runs for 14 calendar days. At the end of the trial period, you will have the ability to subscribe to the CYTK App.