Greetings from CYTK

Making its debut as a voice-activated assistant for Automotive Technicians to one day realize the dream of a hands free Automotive bay, CYTK (pronounced “sigh” “tek”) is the first virtual assistant for technicians.

May 1, 2021

CYTK’s Origin Story

Greetings from CYTK

Greetings – my name is Bryan Levenson and I am the Founder and CEO of

I would like to invite you to download and try CYTK [for IOS or Android], but first I want to tell you about our origins.

CYTK Beginnings

CYTK’s story begins one cold and rainy week in Downtown Detroit (where else!) a little over three and half years ago.

I remember it like it was yesterday – it was an exciting warranty conference with several of the larger OEMs, Fixed Ops Operators and other Data and Software companies presenting their thoughts (and software applications) on how to improve shop operations.

The conference centered around multiple themes that we have all heard in Automotive and have struggled with for years, such as training, turnover, warranty expense, warranty approval processes, improving Fixed Ops, safety, customer loyalty and most important, how to enable technicians to make more money!

During the conference, it dawned on me that although the industry has done an admirable job of innovating for techs on PCs, there was still room for improvement with mobile devices and smartphones in particular.

Additionally, as is the case throughout most industries, machine learning, natural language understanding, and other baseline artificial intelligence technologies are advancing at breakneck speeds. But where is AI for Automotive technicians and how best to leverage these technologies to increase productivity and revenues (incomes) for both shops and technicians themselves?

Iconic Advice

As Les Sliver, past Chairman and CEO of Identifix and current Chairman of Dynatron, stated to our team when we had the great opportunity to engage:

“In the process of servicing vehicles there is a vast trove of information that, if used, would enhance the quality and productivity of the work performed. The problem is this information is difficult and inconvenient to access. The technician is often faced with the choice of guessing or “looking it up”, and too often chooses to guess. To solve this problem, we must harness the power of mobile technology combined with voice activated artificial intelligence search capability. This would enable the vision of hands-free access to needed service information.”

Access to Repair Information

Technicians have all been using the same web-based desktop software applications for decades. Meanwhile the cars, data and diagnostic ecosystems have been advancing and transforming through AI, IoT and mobile.

To compound everything, it is difficult for new software companies to enter the marketplace because access to shops has been dominated by the larger DMS companies or one of the larger software providers.

Excluding newer, chain Aftermarket shops or New Car Dealerships, typically access to vehicle repair information by Automotive Technicians is through a shared PC.

From a physical standpoint, the process of either looking up information, recording one’s notes or creating an estimate forces technicians to stop what they’re doing, set down their tools, wash their hands, sometimes walk a distance or wait for a shared computer.

Designing for AI powered Mobile Applications

Most existing software systems in Automotive are not designed for the physical, mobile behaviors of technician’s themselves. For certain, most of these legacy desktop software systems have yet to leverage AI, Voice and Touch to improve the overall technician’s mobile experience.

The earning potential of technicians and overall shop revenues is based on selling time and efficiency of how one fixes the vehicle. From the Aftermarket shop to the New Car Dealership to the individual mobile technician, speed and accuracy are the keys to increasing everyone’s income.

We believe that a technician’s earning potential requires mobile and AI advancements by software companies and that’s why we are here!

In our next Blog, we will dive into greater detail on how mobile and AI will eventually create hands-free Automotive bays throughout the US and eventually across the world.


Thank you for engaging and please comment and let us know your thoughts. If you so desire, go ahead and try CYTK and see for yourself the beginnings of the mobile AI revolution for Automotive Technicians!

– Bryan, Founder and CEO of CYTK


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Making its debut as a voice-activated assistant for Automotive Technicians to one day realize the dream of a hands free Automotive bay, CYTK (pronounced “sigh” “tek”) is the first virtual assistant for technicians.CYTK’s Origin Story Greetings from CYTKGreetings - my...

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