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Lou Lippert works as a consultant at several bustling repair shops in Eastern Michigan. Working with a mix of young techs and old school pros he welcomes any tool that can keep technicians on the same page and offer the information they need, when they need it. CYTK allows each team to look up procedure information with voice commands, while multitasking to find a tool or removing bolts. Being able to use a smart phone as a tool while working is a big win and helps keep the whole shop on task.


How CYTK helps mechanics stay in the bay and get answers right away


It’s easy to get distracted when working in a busy shop. Any time a technician has to leave the bay to look up service repair information, shop owners run the risk of losing time and money. To help drive consistency and quality, Lou was looking for a solid tool to keep his teams on the same page, and provide them with hard numbers to use when recommending services.  This type of resource would be especially helpful when training newer technicians. Enter CYTK!


With CYTK there is no need to get up, leave the vehicle, wash your hands and then wait in line at the computer station for your turn to look up a specification or procedure. Scan the vin and then start talking to CYTK immediately – ask about cabin air filter, Brake Rotor Specifications, etc. and get the desired information instantly. CYTK lets technicians stay where they are, tool in hand, and use their voice to ask the question and get an answer.




3 minutes per task


Scan a VIN with voice


“Our techs love the voice feature on the camera! It really helps when you have to use both hands to get the phone positioned to scan a VIN and can just tell CYTK to take the picture without tapping a single button.”

L. Lippert, Retired Manager and Shop Consultant


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