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CYTK provides virtual assistant technology to help techs do their work safer, faster, and with greater accuracy.

Be the change

Oxford University estimates that 47% of jobs in the US are “at risk” of being automated in the next 20 years.

CYTK was founded on the principle that humans and technology must not be mutually exclusive. Humans and technology must work together, enabling far greater impact than they ever could in isolation.

A tech’s best friend

CYTK’s core features aim to make tech’s lives easier – saving time and money in the process.

Hands-free operation

A combination of an Android smart device and wireless headset allows technicians to operate hands-free.

Smart identification

Technicians take a picture of the repair order, VIN number or other identifier; or an image or video of an individual part. Activity and information is then associated with the customer.

Multi-media integration

Detailed verbal notes can be recorded and image and video uploaded for a more complete diagnostic.

Natural language processing

Using voice confirmation, information is uploaded to the cloud for secure processing.

Value to OEMs

The estimated minimum savings per hour across OEM is 2/10 or 12 minutes.


1/10 or
6 minutes

  • Technician notes
  • Voice part ordering
  • Query OEM product/technical
  • Virtual assistant training


As yet

  • Data is inputted via voice versus typing, increasing the quality of
    data that is recorded
  • Data is reviewed by team leader or shop foreperson prior to final submission


1/10 or
6 minutes

  • Technicians no longer required to interact with a laptop or 3-ring binder
  • More time spent in stall
  • Less loitering

A vast market

The US auto aftermarket is valued at $273.4 billion, equalling roughly 1.5–2% of the nation’s GDP. Approximately 4.2 million people are employed in the industry and growing.

Voice interfaces are useful and ubiquitous

A study conducted in the USA in 2016 charted reasons for using voice:

Useful when hands/vision occupied


Faster results


Difficulty typing on certain devices


They’re fun/cool


To avoid confusing menus




Who’s Involved?


Bryan Levenson

Founder | CEO: Product, Cloud Architecture, Operations

Dr. Patrick Weinkam

Co / Founder | CTO: Data Science, Backend, Cloud Architecture

Luke Stewart

Co / Founder | Director of Analytics and Engineering: Middleware, Backend, Data Science

Jorge Olmos

Co / Founder | Director of Software Development: Mobile, Web, Middleware


Brand, UX, Human Interaction

Darr Aley

Darr started a company with Elon Musk and headed Corp. Dev. for Amazon under Jeff Bezos.

Mike Roberts

Headed Global Warranty Strategy for For Motor Co. Currently working with GM to improve data quality within the warranty supply chain.

Jack McClure

Jack headed technician operations of BMW and Mercedes U.S. and now heads operations for Motor Werks.

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